America's Next Top Sim Model
Cycle Quattro


Sims 2 Reality Series

Created By:



Madison Lee (Cycle 1)
Anyck St-Jean (Cycle 2)
Joe Bora (Cycle 3)


Tyra Banks (Cycles 1-3)
Anyck St-Jean (Cycle 4)


Mr. & Ms J (Cycle 1)
Brandon Welsh (Cycles 1-2)
Oz Haskell (Cycles 1-3)
Richard Moore (Cycle 3)
Julie Lutz (Cycle 3)
Madison Lee (Cycle 4)

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Original Run:

November 26, 2008 - Present

America's Next Top Sim Model

America's Next Top Sim Model , Is a video project created entirely from The Sims 2 and it mimics the format and styling of the popular reality show America's Next Top Model. ANTSM is broadcasted on youtube through the asciisski channel and on May 5th it will begin its 4th cycle! ANTSM has gone through many changes through the cycles, one of the biggest was opening up the competition to male potentials in cycle 3, which lead to the first male winner Joe Bora. For cycle 4, regular host Tyra Banks was replaced by cycle 2's winner Anyck St-Jean and the series' original winner Madison Lee will become a permanent judge for the cycle. The show has been renewed for a 5th and final cycle. The theme will be "Back To Basics"


Prizes are always changing in ANTSM and for cycle 4 the current prizes will be:

  • The Cover of Micoux16's Sim Elite Magazine
  • $250,000 contract with H&M clothing company.




Second Runner-Up:

Contestants In Order Of Elimination

America's Next Top SIm Model Cycle 1

Madison Lee

Tanya Harris

McKenzie Jonhston

Audrey, Casey, Kimmie, Alea, Melissa, Eliza, Neenah, Vera, Francesca, Wanda, Graciela

America's Next Top Sim Model, Cycle 2

Anyck St-Jean

Havana Poriskova

Samantha Downie

Vivika, Kelli, Soi, Kammi, Nina, Vizsla, Kin-An, Margaret, Mileena, Veronica, Jasmin

America's Next Top Sim Model, Cycle 3

Joe Bora

Caroline Junfeur

Anna Silverstone

Sammi, Vanessa, David, Joshua, Monica, London, Seth, Lalaine, Taralynn, Joey, Kieran, Vince, Natasha

America's Next Top Sim Model, Cycle 4


IN: Aaron, Claude, November, Raul, Tionne

OUT: Alyssa, Irson, Madelin, Maraly, Emma, Smith, Alejandro, Goran, Leorah, Jane

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